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Certified Course in Full Stack Development (Rajkot)

Dare to think beyond your graduation degree!

Rajkot, with over 10 engineering and more than a dozen other colleges offering IT and full stack development courses has been rapidly growing in terms of fresh IT graduates every year. Even non-IT engineering and non-engineering students and graduates aspire to have a career in IT, ITES, and the software industry. Despite having this impressive number of freshers passing out every year from Rajkot and Saurashtra colleges, less than 20% of fresh graduates are employable, and hardly around 10% are immediately recruited. The others, despite being talented and having good academic scores, either head for a compromising job or end up doing further studies.

Tuition classes and institutes offering full stack development courses provide theoretical know-how and are ineffective. Companies today are increasingly looking for practical skills. Because this is missing in fresh graduates, they prefer hiring only experienced candidates for mission-critical job profiles such as full stack development.

On the other hand, demand for fullstack developers has increased recently, especially after the Covid pandemic.

A specialized certified course in full stack development with a practical approach will give you an edge.

Fullstack Course at NLC, Rajkot

NLC is a division of NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the oldest and most renowned IT/software companies based out of Rajkot (Saurashtra), Gujarat - India. The company has offices across 6 locations including in India, the USA, the UK, Finland, and Germany, and employs a team of over 200 through its network.

The best-in-class fullstack course training is provided by experienced Full Stack Developers and the Tech team at NCrypted. The program is specially designed for beginners seeking a promising IT career as a full-stack developer. The objective is to provide you, as a coding enthusiast, a solid foundation on the subject along with hands-on practical guidance on the nuances of Fullstack Development.

Check out Full Stack Developer Course to learn more about what is full-stack development, its objectives, and its benefits.

Who can apply?

Any diploma/graduate or final year/semester student may apply.

Course duration & structure

The dedicated training course on full stack development is designed for 4 months. The course will guide you through the basics of SEO with an experiential and practical approach, filled with examples, and exercises with both theory and practical sessions.

What will you get with the course and training?

  • Internationally recognized Course Completion Certificate
  • Job opportunities at NCrypted Partner Network across India, the EU, and the USA
  • A promising career in Full-Stack Development

Overview of Full Stack Developer Curriculum

Embarking on the journey to become a Full Stack Developer requires not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills across various technologies and frameworks. At NCrypted Learning Center (NLC), we've meticulously designed our Full Stack Developer course curriculum to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Let's delve into the comprehensive curriculum that forms the backbone of our Full Stack Developer course.

  • Fundamentals of Web Development
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Understand the foundational languages of the web
    • learn how to create visually appealing and interactive web pages
  • Responsive Web Design
    • Explore techniques for building websites that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices
    • Optimal user experience across platforms
  • Front-End Frameworks
    • Dive into popular front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.j?s
    • Mastering their components, state management, and routing functionalities
  • Server-side Programming
    • Learn fundamentals of server-side programming languages like PHPNode.js, Python with Django, or Ruby on Rails
    • Discover how to build robust back-end systems to handle data processing and business logic
  • Database Management
    • Gain proficiency in database technologies such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL
    • Learn how to design, query, and manage databases efficiently
  • API Development & Integration
    • Master the creation of RESTful APIs using frameworks like Express.js or Flask
    • Enable seamless communication between the front-end and back-end of web applications
    • Integrate 3rd party APIs
  • Git & GitHub
    • Learn how to collaborate with teams using version control systems
    • Understand the principles of version control
    • Learn how to use Git and GitHub
    • Learn collaborative development, code management, and project collaboration
  • Team Collaboration Tools
    • Explore collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello
    • Facilitate communication, task management, and project coordination within development teams
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)
    • Dive into DevOps principles and practices
    • CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and deployment strategies
    • Streamline the development process and enhance productivity
  • Containerization
    • Explore containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
    • Learn how to containerize applications for portability, scalability, and efficiency
  • Agile Methodologies
    • Understand Agile principles and practices
    • Scrum and Kanban
    • Learn how to apply agile methodologies to manage development projects effectively and adapt to changing requirements
  • Project Planning & Execution
    • Master project planning, estimation, and execution techniques
    • Ensuring successful project delivery within scope, time, and budget constraints
  • Communication Skills
    • Enhance your communication skills, both verbal and written
    • How to effectively collaborate with team members, stakeholders, and clients
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
    • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions in your development projects
  • Overview of the Corporate and the Company
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Group Discussion/Debate
  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock interview with Feedback
  • Networking & Job Opportunities
  • Session by experts experienced in the international markets

Life @NCrypted

NCrypted Quick Facts

  • space7000+ sq. ft. office space
  • space125+ employees
  • space500+ clients across 100+ countries
  • spaceOver 20 products & platforms
  • spaceISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
  • spaceMicrosoft Partner Programs
  • spaceMulti Award Winner in TQM

Benefits @ NLC

  • spaceInternational Curriculum
  • spacePractical Training by an experienced NCrypted team
  • spaceExpert sessions with NCrypted management
  • spaceLive Industrial Project with deployment on NCrypted cloud
  • spaceWeb hosting with your sub-domain FREE for a year
  • spaceCorporate Etiquettes
  • spacePersonality Development Training
  • spaceCommunication Skills
  • spaceMock Interviews with feedback
  • spaceCareer Opportunity at NCrypted & Global Partner Network
  • spaceCultural Activities

NLC Events

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International Certification

  1. Course Completion Certificate from NCrypted,
    in affiliation with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of India,
    Linux Professional Institute (LPI) of the USA,
    and Indisoft of Germany
  2. Internationally Recognized Certificate Course
  3. Valid for Job Placements

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NLC Certificate

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